Easter Pins: Bunny & Eggs!

I was surprised when I went searching Pinterest as I didn’t come across very many Easter themed pins. I found a couple good ones though and two that we actually attempted to replicate. When I saw these bunnies pinned, I thought they looked really cute and easy. Upon further investigating I discovered they were painted and maybe not as preschool friendly as I had hoped. So, I changed it up a bit in order to include Little Man more. I decided to cover the bunnies in felt–this way Little Man could help me glue everything together. He did enjoy this a lot but still it wasn’t something he wanted to give a lot of time to so we only ended up making 1! We decided to send it to Papa and Nana and Little Man colored some pictures to include as well. Although our bunny may not have been quite as nice as the originals, it turned out pretty well!

When I came across this pin, I was super excited. Send eggs through the mail?? How cool! I had plans to send them to everyone I knew, but I had a difficult time finding a good size egg that was affordable. Unfortunately I never made it to the dollar store like the original pinner suggested. I found some nice size eggs with candy inside at Target and picked two up for my niece and nephew. I used the candy inside, added some playdough, and a family picture we recently had taken, put a whole LOT of of tape on them and sent those eggs on their way! I am told they made it in great condition! It was pretty entertaining to take them to the post office, I did get a grin out of our postman!


Tomorrow I’ll post about our other Easter activities. Today I am linking up with Mommin’ It Up’s Pin for the Wednesdays!


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